July 2023 New preprint on counterfactual evaluations of language models.
June 2023 New preprint on editing scientific papers in response to reviews.
June 2023 Started at the Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute.
May 2023 Paper on rationalization & counterfactuals accepted at ACL 2023.
April 2023 Gave an invited talk at the IST & Unbabel Seminars.
April 2023 Selected for the NSF GRFP fellowship.
Jan 2023 Selected as a winner of the inverse scaling prize.
Dec 2022 Presented our paper on self-rationalization & robustness at EMNLP 2022.
Oct 2022 We've released, a repo of example CS SOPs for grad school applications!
Sept 2022 Started my PhD at MIT!
May 2022 Presented our work on Tailor at ACL.
Feb 2022 The third episode in our PhD application series is released.
Oct 2021 NLP Highlights Podcast: Our series on applying to PhD programs is live. The first two episodes are on preparing application materials and applying to programs in Europe vs. the US.
Sept 2021 Paper on learning models for actionable recourse accepted to Neurips 2021.
July 2021 New preprint on generating and perturbing text with semantic controls.